There are many Orthodontists in Toronto. Why choose us?

Toronto Orthodontist

Since there are many Orthodontists in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), the question sometimes arises: “Why would I drive or take the TTC to your Sheppard Avenue office when I can just walk down the street (maybe) to see another orthodontist?”

At face value, that’s a logical question.  Here’s the logical answer!

Because we are going to know one another for a significant amount of time, you should pick an orthodontist that’s going to work for you and your specific needs.

When you are comparing Orthodontic offices, here are a few things to consider:

1) Does the Orthodontist do all the work themselves?

You’d be amazed at how many practices, especially in a busy metropolitan area like the GTA, delegate the work to hygienists!  Many corporate style offices book patients in and have them turned around in the fastest time possible, sometimes without even seeing the orthodontist!  At Kellerstein Orthodontics, all the work is done by Dr. Kellerstein himself.  No part of your treatment is delegated to an assistant or hygienist, so you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible treatment from the most qualified provider.

2) Convenient appointment times to suit your busy schedule.

We often book early morning and after work appointments to suit your busy and hectic lives!  We invite you to speak with our reception to see about booking a time slot that best suits your family.

3) Cutting edge, carefully selected technology.

Dr. Kellerstein carefully selects the best new and evidence-based technologies for his patients.  At this office, you will not find every new gadget on the market until that gadget has been shown to benefit patients.  We will never try to up-sell patients with expensive technology unless it will reduce your treatment time, improve your comfort, or show some other tangible benefit. For example, we recently invested in an iTERO scanner which will be in our practice very shortly For more information on iTERO and the many benefits of 3D scanning, please click here.

4) Can you talk with your orthodontist?

It may seem like a strange question, but think about it: How important is it for you to be able to discuss your concerns and questions in a comfortable and supportive environment? Have a look at what some of our patients have to say about our service.

==> When shopping around for your provider, ask yourself: do they offer every “latest and greatest” invention, or is their treatment plan based on knowledge and sound medical advice?

==> Are they even a specialist?  Some braces and Invisalign providers aren’t even orthodontists but general dentists!

==> Who will provide the best possible care and who is best equipped to handle any potential problems that may arise?

When you consider that appointments on average are once every 2-3 months, traveling to see us from surrounding neighbourhoods and cities actually makes sense given all the benefits of working with our practice. So make sure you take all these factors into account when deciding about your orthodontic treatment. If you’re not sure, come meet with Dr. Kellerstein for a free consultation and see for yourself our difference!