What are the top trends in orthodontics for Adults today? Discreet.  Comfortable and Convenient.

Invisalign braces discreet
Orthodontics haven’t been just for teens or children for many many years.  It’s commonplace for adults to want treatment so that they can straighten their teeth, improve their smile and give them both aesthetics and confidence in their professional lives.  But adults have different needs when it comes to braces.  Often their daily lives are rather hectic and caring for traditional braces the same way a teenager would have to do is not always achievable with the various responsibilities they have.  This is why, while there are several options available to adults, Invisalign has become extremely popular with them.  Invisalign’s smile straightening system is extremely easy for adults to work with and has virtually zero impact on their busy lifestyles.
Patients, especially adults, expect their orthodontic options to be attractive, pain-free and easy to work with. It is precisely these kinds of demands in the marketplace that gave rise to the trends we see in Orthodontics prevalent today.  As such, the top three emerging trends in orthodontics, which drive many of the products and services available to patients  1) Discreet, 2) Comfortable and 3) Convenient
Find out how Invisalign is a market leading technology when it comes to these three orthodontic trends.
#1 — Braces have to be discreet.
Let’s face it, most adults don’t like the look of braces.  But what about if you could have invisible braces?  Invisalign doesn’t work like traditional braces which employ the use of brackets and wires to shift the teeth into position over time.  Instead, Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible (think of something like a clear mouthguard that snaps over your teeth).  The aligners are also removable and they fit snugly over your teeth, snapping into place.  As far as orthodontic solutions go, they are by far the most discreet and this reason above all else is why they are such a favourite with adult patients especially.
Trend #2 — Orthodontics have to be comfortable.
In the past, orthodontic treatment functioned with heavy forces moving teeth into place.  They were regarded as uncomfortable and something no one looked forward to going through.  That simply isn’t the case any longer.  Now you can have your teeth straightened with minimal concern for comfort as most if not all systems are designed to maximize your personal comfort.  Invisalign is by far one the most comfortable to work with.  The aligners themselves are smooth and made of a BPA free plastic that can in fact be removed for mealtimes, thus reducing both the daily maintenance required.   Not only are the aligners smooth, but they are extremely comfortable to wear, custom fit to your mouth for a very snug fit and making all aspects of hygiene a breeze.
Trend #3 — Orthodontic treatment has to be convenient.
Today’s patients need a convenient option.  No one has time for cumbersome solutions nor are they going to sacrifice their lifestyle and valuable time.  Invisalign as a concept is all about convenience. The simple fact that the aligners can be removed puts the system in a class all on it’s own.  Think about it, you can simply remove the aligners for those very special occasions, and then just snap them back in afterwards.  The system also necessitates the least amount of subsequent visits to the orthodontists office, giving you more time to address the many responsibilities of your busy day.
Discreet, Comfortable and Convenient.  These really do capture the essence of the Invisalign straightening system.   We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the system is not appropriate for every situation though.  If you are interested in learning about whether you are a candidate for this option, contact our office and Dr. Kellerstein would be happy to sit down with you and go through all the various benefits and treatment options with you in person.

Gummy Smiles, and how to fix them.

According to the orthodontic literature, a gummy smile is defined as showing more than 1-2 millimeters of gum tissue when smiling naturally. Of course, showing slightly more than 2mm of gum is not necessarily a problem, but when people show much more than that, they are often unhappy with the appearance of their smiles.

Interestingly, gummy smiles often have nothing to do with the gums. Instead, they are usually caused by excessive growth of the upper jaw. In orthodontic lingo, we call this “vertical maxillary excess.”

This can be caused by genetics, or sometimes by habits such as chronic mouth breathing or thumb sucking. The issue is not that the gums themselves have over-grown, but rather that the upper jaw itself has grown too far downward, carrying the teeth and gums along with them.

The following brief animation demonstrates how orthodontics can correct a gummy smile.  For more videos, please be sure to visit our youtube channel or visit our before and after gallery here to see more examples of smile transformations with orthodontics.


The treatment of gummy smiles depends on the severity of the problem. Mild to moderate gummy smiles can often be treated with braces. We place braces on the teeth, and apply an upward force to the upper incisors. This force does not push the teeth into the gums, but rather it causes the teeth and gums to move upward together, causing the upper jaw bone to remodel. This reduces the gumminess of the smile without shortening the teeth. For severely gummy smiles, we may recommend a combination of braces and jaw surgery. This type of treatment is a bit more involved than conventional braces, but the results can be spectacular, as seen in the video example above.

If you are bothered by a gummy smile, talk to us about your concerns. We can help!