There have been some recent news reports about people contracting infections in certain medical facilities due to improper sterilization.  These reports, understandably, have made some people concerned about infection control.  Here at Kellerstein Orthodontics, we believe that proper sterilization procedures are critical and we adhere to the protocols of the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) and the Canadian Dental Association (CDA).  We take every possible precaution to ensure your safety:

  • First, used instruments are cleaned and disinfected in an ultrasonic bath with an enzymatic detergent to remove any debris or contamination
  • Then, the instruments are rinsed in a bath of distilled water to remove any contaminants and soaps
  • Then the instruments are packaged into cassettes and sterilized in a steam-pressure autoclave.  This autoclave is checked frequently to ensure that not even the toughest microorganisms can survive in it.
  • Cassettes are wrapped and not uncovered until ready for use.  This prevents any microbes from getting to the instruments while they wait to be used

With all of these protocols in place, patients can be certain that the instruments used in their mouths are safe.  But safety does not end with our instruments.  All of our countertops are disinfected between patients with a high-level surface disinfectant.  Chairs, counters, sinks and handles are wiped down and disinfected before each new patient is called in.

We use gloves and masks for each patient, and disinfect hands with hand sanitizer before gloves are put on.  We use disposable barriers on all surfaces that cannot be wiped down, and change these between patients.

When you come to visit us for any reason, whether it be an adjustment to your braces, or a new aligner or retainer is being fitted for your use, or whether you are having your teeth scanned with our iTero 3D scanner for an Invisalign case, you can rest assured that all of our instruments are always properly sterilized before use and because we use a cassette system, each tray which contains the instruments is also wrapped in plastic to minimize any accidental exposure to any foreign contaminant.

Our office also takes care to run tests on our sterilization machines to be 100% certain that any bacteria or virus is killed ensuring that you may rest easy knowing that your visit is not only comfortable but safe.

News reports about infections are disturbing, buy you can rest assured that at this practice your safety is our top priority.